Clonakilla Riesling 2007

The 2007 Clonakilla Riesling was made from non-Estate fruit, after Clonakilla’s own was lost to frost. Still Canberra region fruit, though.

Expressive nose that shows fruit blossom and juicier fruit aromas, framed by a powdery mineral edge. The entry is lively and delivers flavour quickly onto the middle palate, which is surprisingly dense and juicy, with more citrus, herb and mineral flavours. Acid is abundant and balanced, though is perhaps a little coarse (less so as the wine warms in the glass). A slight phenolic bitterness asserts itself as the wine progresses towards the after palate, building flavour intensity as it goes, and the wine’s finish is long. A small amount of residual sugar boosts body and helps the wine’s attractive and moderately complex flavours to assert themselves.

Part of me wished for the wine to have been made in an even less dry style, as the flavours respond well to the residual sugar that is there, and there’s certainly plenty of acidity to maintain balance. As it is, a lovely wine, enjoyable and well priced.

Price: $A25
Closure: Stelvin
Date tasted: November 2007

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  1. Hey Edward, thanks for the feedback!

    When Chris and I decided to write a blog together, I thought it was a good opportunity to explore some options in terms of platform, and ended up here. So far so good.

    As I’m lazy, I’ll just leave the old blog up as an archive and continue to enter notes at Full Pour.



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