Marc Brédif Vouvray 2005

On the nose, soft, powdery, floral notes along with orange blossom honey and crisp white peaches. There’s almost a hint of pineapple there as well, and a suggestion of peat smoke, almost like Scotch. Finally, there’s something else going on here just behind the scene – almost bread-y, like fresh baked brioche.In the mouth, the wine is soft and rich, mouth-filling, but it’s on the finish where the big surprises are: a very much savory note of fresh apple pie along with a calming, supporting streak of acidity. The flavor hangs around for quite a long time after you swallow; it’s kind of like biscuits with whipped honey butter, with a hint of peach. There’s also a curiously bass note there, which is what I suppose one calls minerality: it’s like a subtle underpinning of all of the higher positioned flavors and returns again and again unexpectedly, drifting in and out of focus.This is a wine of great subtlety and grace; I imagine it would pair well with venison stew, somehow.Marc BrédifPrice: US $12.99Closure: CorkDate tasted: December 2007—Julian is absolutely correct when he describes the attack of this wine as largely textural; the slippery, fat, acidic, oily, ever-changing feel of the wine is one of its great pleasures. Funny thing, though – I can’t remember the last time I read a tasting note that really paid attention to the way a wine feels!

3 thoughts on “Marc Brédif Vouvray 2005

  1. Hey, I’m glad you enjoyed this wine too.

    Personally, I love it when a wine’s texture and mouthfeel is extraordinary in some way. After all, wine is a sensual pleasure, and that means feel as well as sight, flavour and smell.

  2. Edward – here’s hoping it’s as good for you as it was for us! It even tasted good the next morning after being left out of the fridge all night long, which is really saying something 🙂

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