Suxx 2006

Don’t laugh, but I sniffed this the second I unscrewed the cap and thought whoa. What is this, Gucci for Men? It’s got a full on nose of sandalwood, with a curious scent of camphor and velvet as well. I’ve never smelled a wine like this before. How the hell did they make this stuff? It’s just so huge, so jammy… amazing, and somehow floral as well. Raspberries and roses?It’s so dark that it looks like it should be in a Mont Blanc bottle. Taste-wise, it’s again pretty damn big: brooding, dark, earthy, and with an almost medicinal, herbal, minty edge to it. Amazingly, it doesn’t feel particularly alcoholic, which is a huge surprise given that this is supposedly in the 16-17% range: the finish is not hot, but very well balanced and exceedingly smooth, tapering off into a woodsy, sweet trail of incense and spice. It all works surprisingly well.SuxxPrice: US $16.99Closure: StelvinDate tasted: December 2007

2 thoughts on “Suxx 2006

  1. Sounds like a worthwhile wine but, come on, “Suxx”?? What were they thinking??

    I’ve not seen this wine in the local bottle shops. I wonder if it’s an “export only” jobby?

  2. Yup, this is a Dan Philips-Chris Ringland coproduction designed for the export market; I’m not sure if any of this stuff is sold in Australia proper.

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