T'Gallant Juliet Pinot Grigio 2007

Cheap Pinot Grigio — surely I’m tempting fate. Nevertheless, this wine is in a super pretty bottle with a label that exists without paper. How could I say no? I’ve not tried either wine from T’Gallant’s budget “Juliet” range, and it’s always nice to see well priced wine from the Mornington Peninsula, so let’s see how we go with this one.

A generous, clean aroma of non-specific fruit that hovers around pear and apple but, dare I say it, is mostly “grapey” in character. Hence, it has the (considerable) appeal of fresh juice rather than anything more challengingly vinous. Quite simple, though. The entry is easygoing and widens to a light/medium bodied palate that shows mostly more of the grapey fruit character seen on the nose. In terms of structure, the wine is quite light on acid, such that mouthfeel is fresh but lacking a little in “zing,” especially as the wine warms. Phenolics are a little more present as the wine progresses towards the after palate, but again these are subtle and contribute a slight savoury note (herbal, perhaps) and some roughening of mouthfeel. Quite a satisfying finish, with phenolics carrying some sweet fruit flavour through with good length.

A well judged wine that is terribly easy to drink. It’s almost entirely lacking in sophistication, but for its intended purpose, who cares? Serve well chilled with food.

Price: $A14
Closure: Stelvin
Date tasted: January 2008

2 thoughts on “T'Gallant Juliet Pinot Grigio 2007

  1. Ah. I’ll try one too now..although it may kill me. I have samples of the Pinots Noir and Grigio and a Moscato. Very pretty. Clever packaging.

  2. Yes, the packaging is rather cool, and I admit probably my main reason for purchasing, about which I feel vaguely dirty. It’s certainly not a worldbeater, but it’s not borderline undrinkable like some other “value priced” Pinot Grigios I’ve tried.

    Might hit the Pinot Noir tonight.

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