Roger et Didier Raimbault Vielles Vignes Sancerre 2005

For all the explosiveness and fashion of New World Sauvignon Blanc, it’s tempting to expect all wines made from this grape to be high octane styles. It’s one small step to view impact as the key indicator of quality for these wines. If you’re of this mindset, here’s a wine that may change your perspective.

Fine, balanced aromas of crushed sea shells, honey and ripe, pale tropical fruit. Despite the light, high toned aroma profile, there’s a sense of depth and complexity that draws one back. The entry continues this theme, with more crushed shell creating a dry, slightly austere impression. Fruit fills out a little on the mid-palate, but does not overtake the flinty dryness, so the wine remains a chiselled experience. Intensity isn’t especially remarkable, but it’s the excellent balance, as well as a dry, slightly chalky mouthfeel, that generate satisfaction here. A nice lift through the after palate, before the wine finishes with adequate length.

I can imagine this wine disappearing in a line up of more extroverted styles, but I like it for its poise and sophistication. I’m about to tuck into a Chicko roll and I’ll bet it’s a good combo.

Roger et Dider Raimbault
Price: $A35
Closure: Cork
Date tasted: May 2008

3 thoughts on “Roger et Didier Raimbault Vielles Vignes Sancerre 2005

  1. Had this again yesterday – it would have to be drinking at its peak right now. Honey, tart acid, varietal grass and tropical fruit. There’s a lot going on, it is quite expressive, and went superbly with prawns. Excellent.

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