Peter Lehmann Barossa Riesling 2008

Riesling has provided me and many other wine lovers with a fabulous hunting ground for labels that vastly outperform their price points. Consider: the pinnacles of Australian Riesling; singular styles recognised internationally; routinely sell for $20-40. Even Hunter Semillon costs more at the top end. Here, though, is a $9.50 Riesling from the Barossa Valley, a region not renowned for the variety. On the plus side, Peter Lehmann is a winery that has a history of solid, well-priced wines.

A forward nose of candied pineapple and other tropical fruits, plus a bit of spice. I’m not getting the “crisp citrus and floral” notes referred to on the back label. Instead, this seems a broader Riesling style. In the mouth, some initially welcome acidity fades as lemon and candied fruit notes take over. These flavours are assertive but lack intensity at the same time. I suspect a level of residual sugar contributes to this flavour profile, though there’s nothing overtly sugary about the wine. A dip in intensity through the after palate precedes some bitterness on the rather chalky finish.

2 thoughts on “Peter Lehmann Barossa Riesling 2008

  1. Excellent TN’s again Julian. The Lehmann 2007 riesling seemed to be a real crowd pleaser, but I think people with a greater interest in riesling may have had less time for it. I can go either way to be honest. Broader at $10 can suit me in certain moods. Cheers jeremy

  2. I know what you mean — sometimes, a fatter style can be just what the doctor ordered. I just wish, in the case of this wine, crowd pleasing didn’t also mean a degree of coarseness.

    Still, it’s a nice quaffer with some thirst-quenching flavours.

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