A few wines tasted lately. Apparently, Kiwi Sauvignon Blanc continues to be the default white wine selection when dining out, and so it was the other night when enjoying the company of some colleagues after work. The Te Whare Ra Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc 2007 is made in an approachable manner (within the context of the style), with good typicit√© unhindered by any excesses of capsicum flavour or acid. Seems to be outside the mainstream, with rounder, perhaps simpler flavours than usual. I thought I’d be traditional and have this with a goat cheese-based entr√©e but I can’t say the match worked especially well.

2 thoughts on “Offcuts

  1. Julian, I’m from Sydney but was at the Mornington last week and tasted their ’08 version of this. My comparison of the ’07 and ’08, from memory, I think the ’08 may nudge this one out. Both lovely wines but if you get the opportunity try their single site “Windmill Vineyard” the’06 is a cracker.

    • Hi Bill, thank you for the tip, I will look out for the 08. I do like the Stonier style, and am keen to dive a bit deeper into the single vineyard stuff. Shall see what I can do.



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