Kuentz-Bas Pinot Blanc 2007

Looking over at the glass, I initially mistook it for Martinelli sparkling cider, the fake Champagne every child gets at the Thanksgiving dinner table. It’s an unusual color for a white wine, brittle and clear, fairly pale and somewhat off-putting (at least to me). The nose is something like salt-water taffy, sweet with a hint of pineapple, possibly like hot buttered popcorn (oily, salty, with a hint of sugar). Pretty strange stuff, but of course pinot blanc isn’t something I drink often, so I don’t know if this is typical or not.I’m none too thrilled by this wine; it seems flat, flabby, not very refreshing. There isn’t much flavor here that I can discern; it’s mostly just generically wine-y, with the vaguest of off flavors that I can’t pin down entirely. The acidity leaves a bit of a burn in my throat, and all in all this wine leaves me cold. There’s more flavor and complexity in a bowl of Corn Pops than in this bottle; this isn’t one I’ll be finishing.Kuentz-Bas
Price: $14
Closure: Diam

1 thought on “Kuentz-Bas Pinot Blanc 2007

  1. I haven’t tasted many that I like, generally too fruity (strawberries the most obvious flavour profile, some pineapple too) for me and not great on structure or interest/complexity. Hoddles Creek 1er 2008 the stand out of the (wait for it…) 3 I’ve tried. Obviously I’m an authority! 🙂

    The Hoddles was all class, head and shoulders and naughty areas above the other two IMHO.



    ps- love your site’s preview function. I’m a sloppy typist. This helps a great deal.

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