Spring Vale Pinot Noir 2006

Pinot Noir, indeed any wine, from the East coast of Tasmania is rare. James Halliday lists five producers in this (unofficial) sub-region, a few of which appear to be nascent operations. Despite this lack of scale, the area has an enviable reputation for Pinot Noir, the present wine being one of the higher profile labels.

2 thoughts on “Spring Vale Pinot Noir 2006

  1. Julian, could you please explain to me the difference between “herbs from an English garden” and “herbs from an Australian garden”? And could the descriptor perhaps be more specific, as in “herbs from a South Australain garden”. I need to know as I am attending a very important wine dinner on Wednesday and must be able to pin down every wine I taste without resorting to my stock TN of “cavendish banana”

    Yours sincerely

    • Jeremy,

      Oh dear, I thought you told me you were an experienced taster. Clearly, however, you are yet to reach the point of distinguishing between herb gardens of varying geographic origins in your wine. I am thus resigned to being told there is banana in every wine to be tasted this Wednesday. That’s OK. I will still smile and be polite.

      Yours distractedly,


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