Dopff Au Moulin Gewürztraminer 2007

I’ll be tasting a range of wines under $A20 (retail) in the near future. Yes, the bank balance is looking iffy, so what better excuse to explore the value end of the market. Again.

Thick, syrupy aromas of lychees and white flowers. I struggle a bit with Gewürztraminer in terms of how it’s usually described. Lychee and rose petals I get, but these tend to be so obvious and dominant that I struggle to discern much else. In the case of this wine, there’s perhaps a touch of ginger cake baking in the oven, but more a suggestion than anything else. Distinctive and varietal without much complexity. 

In the mouth, good impact and immediacy thanks in part to a fullness of body that exaggerates the fruit flavours (more lychee and ginger cake). I thought at first this was presenting some residual sugar, but I think it’s just sweetly tropical fruit. There’s more and more flavour as the wine moves through the middle palate, again assisted by a round, pumped up mouthfeel that reminds me of a boob job one might have seen on the cover of People magazine. And then, all of a sudden, it deflates (just like many boob jobs in the 80s), flavour falling away precipitously through the after palate. The wine is quite long, but there’s not much there either, more a persistent echo of flavour than anything with substantial drive, with a bit of alcohol burn to boot.
It’s a wine that might alleviate the facelessness of many a Pinot Gris, if only to replace it with a sense of style akin to gaudy Tokyo street fashion. Your call.

Dopff Au Moulin
Price: $A17
Closure: Stelvin

2 thoughts on “Dopff Au Moulin Gewürztraminer 2007

  1. Ah, money and wine. Such unpleasant but common companions! I have enjoyed your tasting notes from the Great Western immensely, but it’s nice to see a sub-$20 Gewurtztraminer written up.

    My girlfriend and I are moving off the Gris train and hope to look at some traminers with spicy food in the nearish future. Probably local examples though.

    I’ve sipped on Gewurtzers but twice and the lychee, rose petal thing has availed itself of the opportunity to hog the stage, so to speak. It will be interesting to see what I get out of the ones I try as a shared bottle with food rather than in a crowded convention centre.

    May a scratch-it or some such providence solve your bank balance problems in the near future 🙂



    • Yes, life’s realities have a way of intruding on “the dream,” although much creativity springs from constraint, which is what I was trying to keep in mind as I cruised the pleb aisles at Dan Murphy yesterday. I did pick up a bottle of that Jimbour Shiraz you wrote up the other day. A snip at $A13.99.

      I’ll keep an eye out for your Gewürztraminer notes.


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