Yelland & Papps Grenache Shiraz 2008 ($A19.95, sample)Although priced lower than most other wines in the Yelland & Papps range, I enjoyed this a great deal and feel its style is suited well to the sweet, plush fruit that went into it. It’s a wine designed purely for enjoyment, with luscious, dark fruit in the context of a smooth, easygoing structure. Not a hint of mass produced confection. This would be a nice house wine for pleasurable consumption on weekday evenings.
Clonakilla Semillion Sauvignon Blanc 2009 ($A25, retail)As with the 2009 Riesling from this producer, a broader wine than usual, presumably a reflection of vintage conditions. The flavour profile itself is attractively fresh, with the sort of high toned, aromatic flavours typical of this blend. But underlining it all is a richness that seems lazy and fat, and out of place given the style. Certainly not unpleasant, and definitely well-made (as one might expect of this producer), but needs more incisiveness. Tahbilk Riesling 2009 ($A15, sample)I’m not intimately familiar with this label, in fact I believe this is the first Tahbilk Riesling I’ve tasted. Perhaps it’s a style thing, but I’m ashamed to admit I didn’t click with this wine at all. It’s certainly got plenty of flavour, yet the structure here seems coarse and phenolic on the palate, leading to a rough mouthfeel and excessive bitterness. Having said that, may improve with well-matched food that could smooth its rough edges. 

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