clos Clare Riesling 2002

Interesting going back to a wine two years or so later on in its evolution; I last drank this in November 2007, and here we are again. This time around, the nose offers up a very spare emptiness, almost the idea of wine without characteristics. It’s an oddly Zen effect: a wine that is so quiet that concentrating on it leaves me very quiet indeed. There are notes of refrigerated butter, dried leaves, and wax paper on the nose; in the mouth, it’s surprisingly rich and full-bodied, with the expected shocking acidity having very much subsided over the last eight years or so in the bottle. On the finish, you get a 3D suggestion of Meyer lemon tart, all lemon rind and fresh pastry, before it slowly fades out.Again, absolutely lovely stuff here, and it doesn’t seem to have changed much over the last two years… and that’s a good thing because I think I still have a few more bottles. If all of the Australian rieslings I bought six years ago last this long under Stelvin, I’ll be very happy indeed as there’s no way I can drink most of them before they’re a quarter-century old.clos Clare
Price: US $14
Closure: Stelvin
Source: Retail

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  1. I’ve been wondering about the 2002s – I’m too lazy to search the site but I think some Grossets fairly recently consumed had a ways to go. Certainly will last until our next get-together. Perhaps we can open a swag at that point. 🙂

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