A few more random tastings, on the whole very pleasant indeed. The first two were consumed at Brisbane’s 5th Element wine bar, which is not a bad place to soak up both the afternoon breeze and a few nice wines. Prices are as per the venue’s list – do the usual adjustment to determine approximate retail.
Flaxman Riesling 2008 ($A44, restaurant list)
Showing some nascent signs of bottle age (a bit of toast, mostly), this is a wonderfully gentle drink. Unlike the driven, juicy 2009, this wine is a laid back expression of Eden Valley Riesling, with pastel fruit colours and a precise presence in the mouth. This wine reminded me of feathers and clouds and everything that suggests delicate beauty. Will no doubt continue to age, but I’m glad I caught it as a relative youngster.
By Farr Saignee 2008 ($A44, restaurant list)
How interesting. In terms of how this wine drinks, as opposed to what it tastes like, it reminds me most strongly of Chardonnay. Like a worked Chardonnay style, this wine is all about texture, mouthfeel and presence. On the nose, creamy notes alongside fresh berries. There’s nothing overty fruity about this wine, though; rather, the berry notes present as evasive, almost hidden. The palate is full of winemaking in the most positive sense; it’s quite unexpected, blending a creamy, mealy mouthfeel and flavour with fresh fruit; all totally dry and well balanced. A really exciting style.
Kreglinger Vintage Brut 2003 ($A40, retail)
Had trouble with this one. I found this a heavy style, with a lumpen presence in the mouth and little of the fleet delicacy I enjoy with sparkling wine. It’s undeniably flavoursome, and the dosage seems more or less well-judged (perhaps a bit high for me). But it never takes flight through the middle palate, and seems to get stuck half way, the fruit being too broad to maintain movement and flow.

2 thoughts on “Offcuts

  1. There’s quite a few Australian Ros├ęs starting to fall into the category I think you are refering to with the By Farr Saignee.

    Last one I tried was Crittenden’s Rosato; oxidative handling, oak maturation, lees etc. Challenging but I really liked it.

    In total agreement with the broad fruitiness of the 2003 Kreggy. Just not a style for me.

    • That’s cool. I thought the rose style quite resolved. So different from a lolly water style or even a clean, dry, fruit-driven style. Bring it on!

      Shame about the sparkles though. Makes me appreciate something like the $20 Brown Brothers a lot more.

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