Who are those tossers?


I happened to be browsing through some photos the other day and came across this one of Chris and I, taken at the Wooing Tree cellar door in Central Otago. I missed it entirely at first; in the original photo, we are very much in the background, surreptitiously tasting our way through the range. Some judicious cropping brings out the full glory of our situation. If I recall correctly, we had been tasting all day and were quite tired; evidently not too tired to pull some pretty awesome wine wanker faces, however. 

4 thoughts on “Who are those tossers?

  1. This photo looks like two men about to spit. Mind you, it’s going to be thoughtful spitting, but spitting, none the less. There’s a certain degree of intimacy when one spits in front of another. There’s a certain degree of trust, of avoiding judgement about the dribble that invariably ensues, especially with a beard. It’s like the moment one farts for the first time in front of a significant other. It’s a natural bodily function; it’s a spit. It’s still a little uncomfortable.

    • It still is a little uncomfortable, you’re right; I’m always self-conscious when I spit if surrounded by people I don’t know, perhaps at a cellar door or similar. I’m not a power spitter, either; one of those talented tasters who can hit the bullseye from miles away. Mine’s more a bathetic dribble, usually via my beard, leading to an embarrassing wet mess that, as you say, is best shared with close friends. 🙂

      Thanks for the comment, Don!

  2. You are looking more than a little ‘Jean Reno’ there Julian, old boy. Just google image it to get the theme..:)

    • You mean tired and French-looking? 😉 Perhaps my second career after I’m done with technology will be as an unlikely sex symbol. I’ll work on that.

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