Windowrie The Mill Sauvignon Blanc Semillon 2009

Some bottles I look at and presume, for one reason or another, I won’t be writing up. This – being a blend of which I’m not terribly fond – was one of them. But drinking it now, nicely chilled, I’m finding it really well made, so thought I’d jot down a quick note.

These wines are made for immediate quaffing, so to my mind need a particular balance of fruit, structure and (let’s face it) residual sweetness to faciliate their function. The nose is promising, with a shock of cut grass atop quite rounded fruit. There are hints of lychee and paw paw, along with the sharper passionfruit-like aromas one might expect from Sauvignon Blanc. Just pungent enough, fresh-smelling, and well-balanced. So far so good.
The palate follows through admirably. These sorts of wines aren’t going to break any records for complexity, but there’s still a bit going on here, with generous-enough fruit flavours running all the way along the line, propped up by slightly vicious acidity and a dollop of puppy fat to smooth the edges. I think there’s a bit of residual sugar — I find it well-judged — adding weight to the fruit without turning the flavours candied. 
Nice quaffer. Well done.

Price: $A16.99
Closure: Stelvin
Source: Sample

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