Dowie Doole Garnacha & Tempranillo 2010

This wine’s packaging, with which I was so taken when I tasted last year’s release, still made me grin when I unpacked the sample box this evening. It’s just so bold and fun, without resorting to the sort of immediately dated look that so many other producers seem to arrive at when trying to make their wines stand out on the liquor store shelf.

I was also impressed with the wine in the bottle last year; for my taste, though, the 2010 is a marked step up in sophistication and style. If I were to level a criticism at the 2009, it would be at its fruit character, which was quite sweet, perhaps too much so for some, and overpowering the positive, dirty influence that Tempranillo can bring. This is still a lusciously generous wine that wears its Grenache on its sleeve, but there’s a savoury dimension that seems more prominent this time around, taking the aroma profile to a darker place and helping the whole seem more complex.

The palate is perhaps a tad more gushy than the aroma suggests. Viscosity and intensely gorgeous red fruits on entry, this moves to the middle palate with a whoosh of acid and several licks of sweet/savoury character. I’m sure if I had a very savoury red wine alongside, this would seem hopelessly naive, but on its own terms it is positively delicious and, given the style sought, it seems quite perfectly judged.

Bloody good quaffing wine for the drinker with attitude.

Dowie Doole
Price: $A25
Closure: Stelvin
Source: Sample

2 thoughts on “Dowie Doole Garnacha & Tempranillo 2010

  1. Love that packaging too Julian, although seeing it usually urges me to reach for a wedge of lime, rather than a wine glass….. 🙂

    Speaking of wine packaging, I saw some very provocatively packaged South Australian wines today, simply labelled as Mr Red, Mr White and Ms Sparkling. Clearly aimed at the quaffing market, there was clearly no mention of either variety or vintage date seemingly, and the company’s slogan is:-
    ‘It’s wine. Get over it.’


    Chris P

    • Sounds like a complete nightmare! But it’s understandable. Wine wankerism can be so offputting it was only a matter of time before someone turned a dislike for it into a marketing opportunity 🙂

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