Swinging Bridge Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon 2010

Now we’re talking. Although a youngster — somewhat gangly and awkward for now — this wine is stylistically resolved in a way the companion Shiraz isn’t.

The aroma is distinctly Cabernet but in a way I’ve not smelled before. The signature aromas of the varietal are there — clean dark fruits, heady crushed leaf — in addition to some pretty sexy cedar oak. But there’s a richness to the fruit that smells distinctive, and a hint of black pepper that seems to have wandered in, happily, from an adjoining Shiraz ferment. As I mentioned, it’s a bit disjointed at the moment, but I suspect it will converge on something more poised with a few months in bottle.

The palate is appropriately powerful, and what stands out most is a satisfyingly tannic structure. Three cheers for Cabernet that is not afraid to be both medium bodied and astringently bold through the finish. Flavours are very much per the nose, squeaky clean and vivid. There is perhaps a slight lack of subtlety to the flavour profile, though one might equally praise its vivacity and punch. Fabulously fine, abundant tannins descend through the after palate and become the centrepiece of the wine as it winds its way to a lengthy finish.

A distinctive and delicious wine. An ounce of extra refinement wouldn’t go astray, but I like the direction this is taking.

Swinging Bridge
Price: $A45
Closure: Stelvin
Source: Sample

2 thoughts on “Swinging Bridge Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon 2010

  1. Love this wine. Terrific freshness and structure. Interestingly it has been considered by some as green, minty and mawkish…I didn’t mind the mint myself and the fruit looked great to me. But it’s good to open up a discourse.

    There, my note is almost written 🙂

    • See? It’s so easy to be a blogger! 🙂

      I really like this wine. I can see why people would single out the green notes, but I found them fresh and attractive, and certainly not unbalanced with respect to the prominent berry fruit. A lovely wine.

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