Torbreck Juveniles 2006

The first of an irregular series of online wine tastings. Participants are Julian (Brisbane), Chris and Dan (San Diego), and Hiro (San Diego house guest).]]>Julian: let’s see if this worksChris has joined this chat.Dan has joined this chat.Dan: well helloChris: Ah there we goChris: Dan! We’re about to open the bottleChris: (s)Julian: i shall go and get my bottleJulian: ok, my bottle is open tooChris: sweet, Dan’s booting the other laptopChris: should be a minuteJulian: awesome, we’ll wait for him to get readyChris: I can already smell this wafting out of the bottle though.Julian: wow i can smell it from here alreadyChris: jinx!Julian: as usual Julian: it’s not an especially dense colourChris: haven’t poured it yetChris: lemme do thatJulian: okayChris: yeah, it’s more at beaujolais innit?Chris: looks thinChris: wonder why?Chris: it’s a little dark in here, so it’s hard to get an accurate colour.Julian: it does — i guess a lighter style, perhaps less skin contactChris: what, minimised extraction of anthocyanins?Julian: it’s quite pretty though — slightly purple but more ruby at this stageChris: pfffftJulian: oh you technical taster youChris: yes, but it has this weird un-dense look to itChris: I’m just bullshittingJulian: yes it does, it almost looks wateryChris: it looks watery at the rimChris: hehJulian: it has an orangey edge to it — only slightlyChris: I can’t really tell, the light in here isn’t that bright.Julian: colour is overratedJulian: how’s Dan going?Chris: it basically looks really young to me, watery at the rim, with almost visible tiny particulate bitsChris: he’s staring at the glass right nowJulian: this wine’s aroma is rather enticingChris: yeah, it’s sourishJulian: it smells a lot like pinotChris: does it?Chris: hmmmChris: yeah, an almost stalkinessJulian: sort of – but with a grenache-y fruitinessChris: so, to sum up?Chris: kind of a Pinot-esque nose?Chris: with a little sournessChris: and stalkinessChris: and almost a clay-ey sort of noteJulian: I think the pinot comparison comes from the fact that it’s perfumed in a high-toned sort of wayChris: Dan, anything there?Dan: it’s just sourChris: yeah, there is kind of a treble register perfumeChris: yeah, I got sour right off the batJulian: but the underlying fruit is very much non-pinot – it has the almost confected sweetness of grenacheChris: but then there’s that weird stalkinessChris: ooh, confected. you should trademark that word.Julian: yes, i get that, a stalky/sappy noteJulian: yeah, confected is my favourite wordChris: it rulesDan: the sweetness is just too cloyingJulian: you are finding it too sweet, Dan?Chris: no oak influence at all. I cheated, this is tank fermentedJulian: so this is all fruit we’re gettingChris: give it some air, dan, it needs some swirlingJulian: I gotta say, I quite like it so farDan: too… pretentiously sweet, like sickly sweetChris: hmChris: that’d be the “confected”Julian: that’d be itChris: I got that briefly, that circus peanut thing i complained about recently (for the Mollydooker)Chris: but not much of itJulian: no I don’t find it overwhelming, but Dan seems to be coping less well with the fruit characterDan: like an overripe plum tartJulian: yes, it is a bit like thatChris: and it’s weird, I keep getting that earthy, clay thing sometimes too.Chris: yeah it’s fruity as all get outChris: kinda Dame Edna-esqueJulian: All glitter and witChris: so, is the animal/stalkiness the mataro?Julian: The sourness is fading for meChris: and the confected the grenache?Dan: A cheap little fancy dessert a tourist restaurant serves you after your overpriced fishChris: and is the shiraz contributing anything at all?Dan: anywayChris: heeChris: Dan says TWO THUMBS UPChris: Red Vines?Julian: I’m not sure — Barossa Grenache can be OTT fruity at timesChris: red licorice?Julian: definitely red fruit character, not blackChris: very much soDan: there’s some weird thing also that makes my nose ‘open up’ tooJulian: what do you mean by that, Dan?Chris: yeah, like menthol? or spice of some kind, white pepper maybe? or allspice?Dan: like not-quite mintyDan: i don’t knowChris: almost hospitalDan: like i’ve taken a whiff of poppersChris: maybe that’s the shiraz, like a eucalyptus minty thingJulian: so far we have red licorice with a hint of disinfectant.Dan: a bit tinglyChris: BINGOChris: we have a winnerChris: totally a hint of disinfectantJulian: But again it’s a high-toned, perfumed nose with no feeling of depth.Dan: oh god noDan: just all fruity frappyJulian: indeedJulian: well gents, shall we sip?Chris: you bet!Julian: let’s do itJulian: oh myJulian: *much* more savoury in the mouthChris: tannins!Julian: wow, what a differenceJulian: that is so interesting in the mouthJulian: there’s a complexity there that isn’t hinted at on the nose at allChris: it’s kind of a medium bodied wine, I think? not super huge barossa shirazChris: but also not pinotChris: texturally it’s curious….Julian: definitely medium bodied, I’d say — it’s got substance in the mouth but it’s not heavyDan: medium body and not much else for me other than strangenessJulian: how do you find the texture?Julian: Dan what do you find strange about it?Chris: well, uh… gossamer?Chris: it persists for a hell of a long time, too.Dan: yeaDan: there’s no mid-weight to itJulian: it does glide over the tongue, yes, but I also think there’s a good whack of acidity in there tooChris: sort of a sourness on the finish, black cherries or something? still very red.Julian: you’re right about the wine’s length, it’s very decent.Dan: it’s just all these weird light notesChris: that’s kind of a surpriseJulian: yeah I agree, that slightly vegetal note on the nose is taking centre stage on the palate for me right nowChris: I’m not sure I really like this particularlyJulian: what don’t you like about it, Chris?Chris: I mean, it’s got kind of a unique flavor, but so does horehoundChris: WellChris: It kind of starts the way it finishes?Chris: It’s sitting there like a wet fartJulian: yeah, I know what you mean, although the flavour seems to have a few dimensions to it, it’s quite linear and samey from entry to finish.Chris: It’s not huge and syrupy enough to be a typical Torbreck/Mollydooker fruit bombJulian: I’m wondering if some of the odd savoury character is actually sulfur/reductionChris: It’s got, well, I don’t know how to describe it. It’s fruity, sure, but…Chris: Could be, could be….Julian: there’s a bit of rubbery character to the flavour, on the palate especiallyChris: Hiro says, I don’t know. It’s kind of edgy, not aged enough yet, kind of too sharp for him?Chris: Doesn’t know how to describe itJulian: it’s quite a “sharp,” edgy wine, I agreeJulian: Dan, how are you going with it?Chris: Hiro says it’s kind of shouting the same strong flavor from the very first, it might be interesting to have some food with thisDan: I don’t like it at allDan: There’s no backbone to itJulian: I agree with Hiro, it seems very much a food wine to me. Food might smooth out some of the angularity hereDan: And there’s no interesting ‘flair’ to it eitherJulian: Do you mean nothing underpinning the flavours?Dan: it’s boring, there’s nothing interestingChris: I just keep getting vaguely sweet, kind of same-yDan: it’s ju st this odd collection of sour red fruit notes that lingers onDan: and there’s nothing ‘changing’ about it; it’s basically the same from start to finishJulian: Yes, I think we’re all agreed on that point. It seems to enter and exit on the same noteChris: So is this worth $18?Chris: Cuz I’m feeling ever so slightly shanked hereJulian: The nose seems less confected to me now, after some time in glassJulian: Hmm, the QPR question. Hard to answer, as this style seems to me a “love it or hate it” sort of thing.Chris: I mostly smell that bit of Mataro animalicJulian: Yes it’s gone more feral, and more aligned with the palateChris: Plus super bright cherry candyChris: it’s still there if you’re looking for itDan: this wine wants to be sold for more than what it’s really worthJulian: What food would you have with this? I’m thinking lamb cutlets or rustic bistro-style dishesChris: yeah, that’s for damn sure.Chris: I’m thinking saucisson sec, super pungent dried meatsJulian: So we’re thinking it’s a little overpricedChris: lots of fat Dan: yesJulian: Yeah, Chris, I think you’re bang on with the food matchChris: yeah, I mean seriously, Pillar Box Red is $8 and that’s loads more fun that this isJulian: charcuterie and potatoesChris: lamb would be good too, very gameyChris: or muttonJulian: yes, something with pungencyJulian: if that’s even a wordChris: yeah, cuz this wine isn’t bringing itChris: now it’s back to simple and sweet in the mouth somehowChris: I also think it suffers from the lack of wood influence, honestlyChris: some spice or added tannin would be niceJulian: I think you’d really want to know what you’re buying with this wine — I can’t quite remember what I paid for it (early $A20s I think) but in the general price bracket, there are a lot more “predictable” wines available.Julian: ie stylistically mainstreamChris: yeah, this wine is supposed to be A$25 I think?Julian: so some extra depth and structureDan: i’m so not finishing this wineJulian: that rings a bellChris: I hear you, DanChris: it’s kind of tragic reallyChris: I think it’s the lack of oak, seriously, that’s killing itJulian: A wine that doesn’t beckon you to sip again is tragicChris: if there ever was a textbook example of WHY WE USE WOOD CHIPS this is itJulian: so Chris you think the style might be a bit ill judged?Chris: I think it’s a mistake, reallyChris: I wonder why. I know he made this wine for a friend that runs a bistro in ParisChris: perhaps he said “Make me Aussie Beaujolais” ? dunno.Julian: I gotta say, I think I like it more than you two. It’s not a worldbeater but I’m fascinated by what food matches might go withJulian: it needs something to finish it off — something food relatedDan: savoury is not a common American tasteChris: yeah, I always forget that wine sometimes needs food.Julian: it’s almost “not quite a whole” on its ownChris: Dan, I have some jamon serrano. want some?Julian: I have some things in the fridge. let’s experimentDan: yesJulian: i have some prosciutto hereJulian: very 80s I knowJulian: ah, very interesting. see how you find it with foodChris: prosciutto, Parma ham, jamon serrano, it’s all the same Chris: oh THERE we go.Chris: it’s still super confected thoughChris: but now I’m getting a tinge of actual pleasureChris: but shit, this is vulgar.Julian: it is — but the fat and salt in the ham is doing some interesting bizness with the wineChris: exactlyJulian: it’s bringing out some extra texture, and some roundness to the fruitChris: also some allspice kind of notes again.Julian: i mean it’s not a different wine but it is betterChris: it does help.Chris: this wine is really tragic on its own, kind of like that scary dude who was married to liza minelli.Dan: blechChris: no?Julian: yeah the spice is really coming out more with the hamDan: i get a nasty flat note in the back of my mouthJulian: really! do you mean a dull flavour?Dan: yesDan: dull, not quite chemicallyChris: okayJulian: perhaps the food has dulled some of the wine’s liveliness tooChris: this ham is super strong, to be sure.Julian: indeedChris: but it STILL doesn’t make the wine good enough for me to finish this glass.Dan: indeed the drain will enjoy this wine, and soonJulian: shameChris: yeahDan: what’s the weather like there?Julian: I’m going to experiment later on with this wine and pair it with a Thai curryChris: sounds like a good idea.Chris: Dan, pour yours into the bottle, I wanna try it again tomorrowJulian: the weather here is beauuutiful, and slightly windyDan: i’m curious about how temp and humidity affect tastingJulian: ok, I might save a glass tonight and try again tomorrow tooChris: bummer. I was hoping for more.Dan: right now it’s 20C in the house here and 50% humidityChris: I think we had the 2004 and it was really good.Chris: this wine smells soft, too.Julian: yes it is a slight bummer. I’ve read good things about the 2007 thoughChris: if you’re gonna do that masculine/feminine thing , this wine is very feminine.Dan: with flouncy Stevie Nicks collars, but it’s no Stevie NicksJulian: perhaps it’s as you say, though, Chris, and this is meant to be a more straightforward style akin to Village level BeaujolaisJulian: it’s like a bad drag queen doing Stevie NicksChris: totally.

TorbreckPrice: $A25/$US18Closure: StelvinDate tasted: March 2008

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    I’m glad you enjoyed our little self-indulgence. It was actually quite fun, almost like being there (in person).


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