A new look

You will no doubt have noticed that we’ve updated the way we look here at Full Pour. We hope the site is more readable and, in general, easier on the eye. If only it were so easy to refresh one’s liver, too. Feel free to send us feedback on our new design!

2 thoughts on “A new look

  1. Been meaning to chime in. Here are some fragments of thought:

    Dig the premise. The tone. The structure.

    Also a fan of the Hemingway theme, so I like the bones of this refresh muchly.

    I like it so much, I almost don’t want to suggest removing plain type styling with something more… graphical. But I’m gonna.

    I want stronger branding. I’m not sure what that is… A more significant type treatment? A mark? A photo? I’m not sure, but in lieu of that, I like what you have – very much. (except that your tagline “Wine mates Chris and Julian share tasting notes” appears to be in a different font than the body.

    I want more leading in the body type. (It’s a little tight)

    I want pictures of my hosts. Thumbnails in the footer, big ones on the about page(s). Maybe even tiny ones by each individual entry.

    I want flags by the countries.

    I want no indentation on the blogroll bulletpoints. (and more leading, and no bullet points)

    Kill trackbacks, they’re noisy and detract from conversation.

    I want a “mini” about paragraph in the footer. Just a few sentences expanding on what you have.

    I’d like to illustrate some of these ideas, but I can’t say when.

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