Mount Pleasant Rosehill Shiraz 2000

Checking in with a favourite friend tonight, the 2000 Rosehill Shiraz. Most visitors to the Hunter Valley (and there are many every year) will pass by this vineyard, sited as it is on Broke Road, gateway to the wine region. I wonder how many of them get to taste the fruit of Maurice O’Shea’s labour?

5 thoughts on “Mount Pleasant Rosehill Shiraz 2000

  1. Splendid. I bought twelve, have six left, and am going to make a trip to get some decent stuff out… I was thinking of checking it. You saved me another job.

  2. Nice, six should see you through some good times. I wish I had bought that many. I think I was going through a “must not buy more wine” phase (it always passes) when this wine was released. Still have a couple, though, and I think it really does have a way to go, despite its deliciousness now. Just hope the oak fades a little. It’s way to “Iced Vovo” at the moment.

    I hope you rediscover some treasures from your cellar. Personally, I’m steeling myself to try some cheapies.

  3. I opened a bottle ’93 O’Shea in 2008 and it was a beautifully mature wine. My guess is the 2000 Rosehill (from a better vintage) still has a long life ahead of it.


    • That’s very exciting – I have a few bottles of the 2000 in my cellar and fully intend to track its life over the next few years. I hope it works out as well as your bottle of the ’93!

  4. The 2000 O’Shea is the best Mount Pleasant wine to have crossed my palate and I can only recall a 1964 OH matching it. I remember well serving the latter at a masked tasting that confounded the younger drinkers who were of the view that only South Aussie shiraz reached the heights of pleasure that warranted cellaring. They then had a glimmer of reasoning of my Hunter centric cellar.

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