Lake's Folly Chardonnay 2006

This is the current release Lake’s Folly white, although I believe it sells out rather quickly, so its currency is rather academic. Lake’s Folly, as a winery, fascinates me. It is historic in terms of the modern Australian wine industry, has deviated little from its original purpose (releasing just two wines each year, and white and a red), exists in a currently daggy wine region and seems to fly under the radar most of the time. And yet its wines remain sought after. I think that’s pretty cool.

The appearance of wine is usually of secondary importance when I’m enjoying a glass, but this wine has such a lovely golden green hue, it deserves mention as its own particular pleasure. Distinctive, slightly sharp nose of marzipan, lightly caramelised stone fruit and more astringent citrus. It’s full and luscious but shows beautiful restraint, and I love this ostensible contrast. In the mouth, fresh acidity contributes impact on entry, but there’s so much flavour packed into this wine it doesn’t take long for texture to assume second place. Quickly, the mouth is awash with fresh peach, almond and a hint of vanilla cream. There’s good intensity and attractive fruit character, but overwhelmingly a sense of poise and balance that defies the rich flavour profile. This

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  1. Am going to discuss a joint effort with my brother next week when I visit him and we do 4 regions of Victoria. Thanks for the encouragement Julian.

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