3 thoughts on “Changes

  1. Whilst I like the new format, I agree with Edward. The joy of this blog is the ability to write great tasting notes whilst always being aware of the “world outside the bottle”. Keep it up guys, it is appreciated. Cheers jeremy

  2. Much appreciated, Jeremy. I suspect everyone has a slightly different take on wine, which is certainly part of the joy it brings.

    Speaking of which, have you been inspired, yet, to start publishing your own notes and thoughts?



  3. Yes Julian, the differences in appreciation of wine combined with how it brings us together is certainly a large part of the joy of wine to me.

    Looks like I might be up and running with my own blog by xmas. It will be a little scant in terms of older wines for a year, but I am hoping people may find it interesting for other reasons. Thank you again for your encouragement and example. Cheers jeremy

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