Deutz Marlborough Cuvée Brut NV

Compared to the Le Brun, this wine is visually a real disappointment; the color is approximately that of [yellow tail] chardonnay, and the bubbles are completely anemic; it’s as if there are two solitary glowworms in the bottom of the glass, casting their mucus nets upwards.

OK, that was gross. My apologies. I’ll continue:

On the nose, there’s a faint reek of sulfur and other than that, nothing at all. In the mouth, it’s strangely unpleasant, an initial sweetness completely obscured by something like whitebait pizza (with white sauce, not marinara).

This is either a bad bottle or simply a “do not put in mouth” wine. Ugh. Looks like I’ll be moving on to another bottle of this unless this magically improves after half an hour’s aeration. Damn.

Price: $NZ31
Closure: Cork
Date tasted: December 2008

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