Mount Pleasant Elizabeth Semillon 2004

It’s customary to bang on about this classic label in terms of its value for money. To be sure, I love that I’m able to purchase a wine held back from release until its point of maturation for under $A15 (and I paid somewhat over the odds,too). It’s especially ironic that McWilliams persists with its release strategy across the Mount Pleasant range when other labels, including some premiums, are pushed out earlier and earlier, very much to the detriment of the consumer who might like to obtain at least a little enjoyment soon after purchase.

6 thoughts on “Mount Pleasant Elizabeth Semillon 2004

  1. TNs match mine (which may well be a worry!). Had another half bottle tonight, rest went to the neighbours. I think I may like this more than the 02, but in the end it doesn’t really matter. Different vintages, different wines. Will you be laying any down Julian, and if so, how long?

    • I’ll take it as a good sign. 🙂 It’s an interesting wine, this one, and not what I expected. 1999 Elizabeths, for example, are drinking a lot younger at the moment. But it’s pretty delicious nonetheless.

      I was slightly dismayed by the lack of intensity on the middle palate, so I probably won’t cellar any, but if I were to, I’d retaste in two years to see how it’s travelling. I had the rest of my bottle on day two and, surprisingly, it tasted younger. It’s certainly not about to fall over.

  2. Okay, spent some serious time with this to try and work out where it’s coming from.

    I do view it as one of the most atypical Lizzys I’ve tasted, mostly for the reasons we discussed. That is, apart from lacking in the mid palate, it does have “something” more.

    I think the tropical fruits are a big factor. Was even thinking hints of apple and, wait for it…subtle but good suggestion of real cavendish banana (don’t like banana of any sort in my wine usually).

    This is offset by hints of aniseed, maybe fennel or dill, and spritz. So that’s my final take on it, but obviously not the final take on it. I don’t think I’ve worked it out, but I do know I like it.



  3. I had a bottle two nights ago and it is definitely at it’s peak. It was somewhat an old fashion Hunter semillon being broader in the middle palate and with an uncomplicated finish. I’ll drink the remaining four bottles over summer. There are worse fates in life!

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