Langhorne Creek Area Red Blend 2003

Only this afternoon I was listening to Max Allen’s Crush podcasts, which briefly discuss various Australian wine regions in Mr Allen’s typically fanciful style. The episode on Langhorne Creek discusses at some length the relative invisibility of this South Australian region, although plantings there are extensive. Fortuitously, I came across this wine when rummaging through the “cellar” at home. Not only is it a Langhorne Creek wine, but (according to the back label, anyway) is made expressly to showcase the region’s qualities. “Created” by Cellarmasters but made at Bleasdale, the wine was assembled from several growers’ grapes;

3 thoughts on “Langhorne Creek Area Red Blend 2003

  1. Nice TNs. I think a lot of Langhorne Creek reds fall into this sort of category.
    I read people describe wines as sexy, and whilst that sort of descriptor is not my thing, if some wines are sexy then a good Langhorne red is made for spooning.

    There is usually a lot of comforting regional presence and fruit quality which can withstand a healthy dash of oak. Maybe not the GI capable of producing the most complex of wines, still it’s certainly one I’d be happy to spend the night with regularly.


    • Ah yes, that old chestnut — the sexually charged tasting note. I admit I have to consciously refrain from using that sort of imagery at times because, let’s face it, some wines demand it. Or am I simply “blaming the wine”? 😉

      This wine’s fruit character is definitely the type that goes well with glossy oak. Very flavoursome and comforting, if not the sort of wine I drink very often. As we discussed the other day, though, different wines for different occasions…

  2. I have no problem with “sexually charged” TNs. Just personally steer clear of them, along with the “genderfication” descriptors. They still communicate something, which is all I’m interested in.

    Needless to say in full agreement with different wines for different occasions, and also think Langhorne can really soak up the oak well. Just depends on whether you feel like spooning I guess 🙂

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