4 thoughts on “Brookland Valley Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon 2004

  1. If you like this style Julian, try and get a hold of some of the Woodlands reds (which I seem to bang on about relentlessly).
    Woodlands share a fence with BV and for a long time sold some fruit to Hardys that went into this label (until Constellation came along).

    • Yeah, I’ve got a 2007 Margaret lingering in the cellar that I look forward to trying. To be honest, I’m not sold on this particular wine, but will reserve judgement on the style until I’ve tasted a few more similar wines.

  2. ” fascinating to taste, if only to guess at what lies ahead”- interesting part of wine. Was thinking exactly the same thing whilst having a look at the 2007 Blue Poles Reserve Merlot.

    It shoudn’t really be opened at all yet, but for us “curious” types it’s hard to not to crack just one and speculate, particularly over a couple of days 🙂 And it ends up as another possible way of enjoying wine in its own right I reckon.

    You can never have too many avenues to enjoying wine, or anything else for that matter 😉



    • You’re absolutely right, I think — the whole idea that wine has an ideal drinking window and can’t be fully enjoyed outside of it is quite strong amongst drinkers I think. And on a purely sensual level, perhaps that’s right. But I’ve tasted wines that are too old that have fascinated me in all sorts of ways, and as you say there’s no reason why wines that are too young can’t hold their own appeal, for their own reasons.

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