Innocent Bystander Moscato 2008

I’m a bit late to the Moscato bandwagon, not often craving this style of wine. But tonight, after a rather odd weekend, I felt like an uncomplicated drinking experience, so here we are. Certainly, the packaging makes me smile. Crown seals are quite snazzy-looking in their way, and the pink of this wine reminds me of rouge on the cheeks of an old china doll. So far so good.

A nose that is moderately expressive, fresh and, most of all, grapey. It’s grapey in the manner of overripe table grapes, with a couple of raisins thrown in for good measure. No great complexity worth pulling apart, so one is free to enjoy what is a straightforward aroma profile. Very much more of the same on the palate, with grapiness taken up a notch and accompanied by well balanced fizz, light acidity and enough savouriness to cut through the residual sugar. In fact, there’s a lovely clean after palate here, very much on the savoury side, that reminds me of high quality confectionery. A clean finish that somehow echoes orange juice.

3 thoughts on “Innocent Bystander Moscato 2008

  1. I have to admit I’m a sucker for this little number. Probably means I’m a bit of a tart 😉 If it were a tad cheaper there would be a bottle in my fridge at all times!

    • There’s no point living in Brisbane and not being a bit of a tart. Why do you think I moved here?

      Yes, its price pushes the boundaries a little for the wine it is, but I suspect it’s as much about the lifestyle factor as the liquid. The Innocent Bystander website advises one to drink this through a straw…

  2. Oh, thats why you came here. Straws are good. I’d use them for my G&Ts but they usually only offer them to females. Discrimination I tells you!

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