3 thoughts on “Treehouse Pinot Noir 2006

  1. Would it have been a more complete wine with an extra degree of ripeness and coming in at 13.5%?

    The Salitage wines can be quite variable in nature, Pinot and Sauvignon Blanc are their strong points.

    • Yeah, I think an extra bit of ripeness might have fleshed the wine out and subdued the more vegetal aspects of the flavour profile. The whole wine just tasted not quite… there.

      Having said that, I’m interested in trying more Pemberton Pinots and will have a look at Salitage’s other wines.

  2. Understand completely. Its a fine balancing act – ripeness vs ‘lightness’

    From Pemberton, look out for the Bellarmine Estate wines – the Rizzas in particular are absolutely delicious. Would be right up your alley I think.

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