Karra Yerta Shiraz Cabernet 2006

This wine (and winery) defines boutique in many respects. A limited run production of 170 cases, made by James Linke from Eden Valley and Barossa fruit, then blended by Pete Schell to create this quite outstanding little number. When I asked the engaging Marie Linke the intent behind this wine, her answer was “a good home brew, for ourselves, but plans change.” And how.

I tasted this over two days, and recommend a good decant at the very least if drinking now. The nose is almost provocatively complex, with notes of gunpowder, barbecued meats, five-spice, lavender, mulberries and cocoa powder. It sounds cacophonous but it’s more like a plaid wool blankie: textured and comforting. The aroma profile softened overnight, not becoming less complex but simply settling into its groove, less puffed out, more sophisticated. If there’s a hint of volatility, it works well to lift into and penetrate the nostrils. 
The palate has shown an even greater transformation with time. At first, unexpectedly bright red fruit shoots down the mouth, accompanied by the same savouriness as in the aroma, falling away a bit on the after palate. A couple of hours later, it fills out significantly, gaining weight and elegance at the same time, and losing the slightly disjointed construction I saw at first. The next day, now, it has melted into a thing of beauty, a limpid pool of dark richness that seems to dissolve onto the tongue with an impossible sense of control. The fruit flavour has gone to dark cherries, with a range of other flavours (including sappy oak) that resist being teased apart from one another. The slinky mouthfeel is a highlight here; tannins are almost excessively fine and ripe. 
This is a “fall in love” sort of wine; distinctive, beautiful. I’m not going to resist.

Karra Yerta Wines
Price: $A25
Closure: Stelvin

6 thoughts on “Karra Yerta Shiraz Cabernet 2006

  1. Gosh, how lovely like for $25 dollars. I do love Eden Valley reds when made as described. Multi-regional with Barossan action too. Slinky mouthfeel, whoah Nelly. I hope it doesn’t run out before I gets to it. Thanks Julian.

    • It’s a cracker, especially at the price. I think it should age well too, as the acid and tannins, while balanced, were still very much holding their own on day two, and there’s ample fruit.

  2. Thanks Julian and Jeremy for all the positive comments!I am very proud to announce that we won a Silver Medal for this wine at the 2009 Barossa Wine Show (just found out today). James and I are both absolutely ecstatic as it has been a long hard road and finally we seem to be getting somewhere. If nothing else, all these things provide encouragement to go on following our dream.

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