Unison Rosé 2008

I have previously tasted the 2006 version of this wine and, swirling this more recent edition tonight, my earlier note remains relevant to a large extent. This is a savoury rosé style, quite full and somewhat angular; in other words, a more challenging wine than some. 

On the nose, a funky meatiness mixes with flowers, spice, red fruits and vegetation. It’s a serious aroma profile, not blowsy or even particularly expressive. But there’s a nice clean fruit character underlining the whole thing that I like very much. The palate has an unexpected thrust of fruit sweetness that is both sympathetic and a little surprising – the effect is akin to the North African habit of adding fruit to elaborately spiced, savoury dishes, in that it is organic but also creates tension in the flavour profile. Aside from this rounded, sweet red fruit, there are florals and peppery spice and a general masculinity (in the context of rosé style, anyway). It’s fresh and with a good slippery yet somewhat grainy texture. Nice medicinal finish.
Not your usual rosé, then, and perhaps a provocative drink to those who like more outré pink styles, sweet or dry. Personally, I like it a great deal.

Unison Vineyard
Price: $A20
Closure: Stelvin

2 thoughts on “Unison Rosé 2008

  1. Sounds like one to try on my next Rosé bender (probably in about 3 months time at Stradbroke again). I do so like a Rosé with character.

    And I like the “North African habit of adding fruit to elaborately spiced, savoury dishes” too 🙂

  2. Had this again last night with Thai food. I liked it even more this time around – just a nice, savoury rosé (despite the fruit sweetness) that goes well with food. Fit-for-purpose.

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