Château de la Negly Coteaux du Languedoc La Clape "La Falaise" 2006

Wow, lots of tiny French words on the label here. At times like this, I throw my hands up and just Google the damn encépagement because I really can’t be arsed to remember details about every AOC under the sun, now, can I? Anyhow, what we have here is a straight-up grenache-syrah from the south of France with a slightly porty, slightly confected, and very much grilled nose, grilled meats and toasted wood, with a homeopathic dose of whatever French is for the funk. The wine offers up an enchanting mixture of stewed prune dessert, well judged wood, and a sort of strawberry-balsamic-black pepper effect – very complex and pretty freakin’ lovely.Very rich and mouth-filling, this is big enough to be Californian, and yet that fine-grained tannin and minerality gives it away instantly as Not Being From Around Here, if you know what I mean. Sharp, lively acidity underpins it as well, so the fullness of the wine doesn’t grow tiresome; the finish is long and smooth, all roasted toffee over a bed of freshly planed tannins.Absolutely lovely wine and a steal at this price.Château de la Negly
Price: $13
Closure: Cork
Source: Retail

4 thoughts on “Château de la Negly Coteaux du Languedoc La Clape "La Falaise" 2006

  1. Many of the 30 or so producers in La Clape, which just became its own AOC, are producing some amazing wines which are also great values.

    I think the name la clape which means heap of stones in the Occitan language actually helps their markting efforts.

    • This bottle came from K&L as well – looks like this is the more expensive version of the wine you blogged last May (and it’s now been marked way down to “very affordable” status to boot!).

  2. Yeah, I realized that I had the cheaper version a couple of days ago. I actually got a bottle of the La Falaise for 10$, which was less. I’ll review it soon. Very high alcohol for me though–15%…

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