Shameless self-promotion #1

The other day, the Courier Mail newspaper’s lovely food writer, Natascha Mirosch, asked Jeremy Pringle (of Wine Will Eat Itself) and I if we might provide a list of ten wines under $20 we thought to be suitable for consumption on Christmas day. As a normal, well-balanced person, I imagine Natascha was expecting a straightforward list plus, perhaps, a concise introduction.
Ah, but neither life, nor wine, is that simple. In response, we produced a dialogue fit to try anyone’s patience. To my great delight, Natascha has most generously published our missive in its entirety on her blog.
Jingle bells, jingle bells…

11 thoughts on “Shameless self-promotion #1

    • Considering your own writing is so beautifully economical (I urge readers to click on Edward’s name above to visit his site), that is high praise indeed. It was fun to write and I’m really glad you enjoyed it.

  1. Good work. Between yourself and Eduardo you have the free market covered.

    PS. Send royalties for use of Double Take concept directly. 🙂

  2. Thanks Edward. Ditto what Julian has said.

    GW- I thought of it as call & response, but as ever both yourself & Mattinson are inevitable influences on all I write. Even when it’s not very good… 😉



  3. Gents,

    That was seriously enjoyable writing. It even grabbed the wife’s attention, so you’re way ahead of me in that department.

    If I was to purchase a pack based on the article in Melbourne, would the computer scanners at News report the purchase back to the Courier Mail editor?

    Oh, the possibilities…

  4. 🙂 all around you crazy folks!

    Back OT, The passing 375 ml Innocent Bystanders out at the door should become an iconic Xmas image, and yes, the DB Gulf Station pinot noir is one of these rare wines – it’s everything people say it is.

    Joyeux Noel.

    • Or, if you have (as I do) one of those instant fold out Christmas trees that plug in and light up, the IBs would look great as ornaments!

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