Karra Yerta Sparkling Shiraz NV

It’s Christmas day and I’m taking time out between preparing lunch and relaxing to note my reaction to this wine, just opened and to be consumed with the main meal (in my case, confit of duck). 

A joyous gush of mousse, quite electric in its vibrancy and pleasingly voluminous. I can’t help smiling at the lurid purple of many sparkling Shiraz wines; this one had me grinning like the Cheshire Cat. This isn’t a tits-out style, though. The nose is subtle, showing spice, tart blackberries, a hint of fortified wine, some aged characters and a general impression of complexity combined with fresh berry juice. 
The palate is equally measured, showing real elegance despite the fizz. Mercifully, it’s not a sweet wine; in fact, the savouriness of the flavour profile combined with chalky, abundant tannins creates quite the opposite impression. It’s all quite intense; more blackberries, spice and various oak-derived flavours mix on the middle palate. Riding above it all is a clean juiciness that smoothes over the wine’s sophisticated framework, ensuring you could just as easily linger over each sip as slam it down fast, per your mood or the occasion. 
Very glad to have the opportunity to taste this wine on a special day of the year; I believe only twenty cases exist. Make haste. And Merry Christmas to you all.

Karra Yerta Wines
Price: $A35
Closure: Crown seal
Source: Sample

7 thoughts on “Karra Yerta Sparkling Shiraz NV

  1. Happy Holidays to you guys and many cheers for next year.

    The Kera Yerta sounds like a fine wine. A friend did some work in Australia many years ago and brought back a sparkling Shiraz to share. I’d never heard of sparkling Shiraz, but enjoyed the wine and the idea of the wine. There is now some limited availability of sparkling Shiraz in Texas.

    For today’s dinner, we’ll be drinking the remaining Santa Barbara County, Santa Ynez Valley Syrahs that I brought back from my last time in Santa Barbara.

    Zaca Mesa Z Cuvee 2006, Stolpman Syrah 2006 Estate Grown, and Foxen 2006 Syrah – Toasted Rope.

    The Menu

    Baba Ghanoush
    Wild Mushroom Pate’

    Rack of Prime Rib with Horseradish
    Yorkshire Pudding
    Moorish roasted root vegetables

    Red wine poached pears with mint marscapone (We’ll be drinking the Sandstone Cellars 2006 IV, a Port style wine)

    • What an exceptional menu Don; there are few things in life more delicious than good beef, horseradish and Yorkshire pud. If I weren’t still full from yesterday I’d be drooling. I hope the wines were a good accompaniment.

      Sparkling shiraz seems to be a Christmas tradition here in Australia. For me, the lovely colour and lower serving temperature suit the mood and weather at this time of year very well. Not to mention the food.

      All the best to you too in the New Year. Perhaps I will be lucky enough to try one of your wines, for which Chris has well and truly whetted my appetite.


    • Yes! They went very well together, especially as I had coated the duck in a bitter orange sauce (how 70s); a delicate Pinot would have died under its weight.


  2. Much to my delight, Scott and Manny brought a bottle of Amon-Ra Barossa Valley 2006 Shiraz to the Christmas dinner. It is a heavily extracted wine with black currants, black cherries, camphor, and some old wood ( earthiness) in the nose. The flavors are black currants, coconut, chocolate, and an earthy streak. Scott called it “musty coffin” and did not enjoy it. Manny and I think it reflects a decidedly Chateauneuf character and appreciate it’s Frenchness.

    I love wine, especially at Christmas.



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