Penfolds Bin 128 Coonawarra Shiraz

Dried and/or stewed prunes compete with pencil lead and cedar shavings on the nose; this is obviously getting to be a fully mature wine, and still there’s life yet in it. However, this wine isn’t quite the best it could be – although it’s certainly better than it should be given the price; there’s a hint of rubbing alcohol on the nose that isn’t exactly welcome, and the palate really doesn’t speak up to say anything other than “yes, I’m old, I hope you don’t mind”. The body of the wine is still good, and the texture is pleasing; the finish is medium-short but pleasant as well.To sum up, this wine is neither flawed nor exceptional; if you have some of this in your cellar, at least you can take pleasure in knowing that it’s still drinkable. Other than that, though…Penfolds
Price: $14
Closure: Cork
Source: Retail

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