Flaxman Sparkling Shiraz NV

Disgorged in 2009. This is essentially the same wine as the Karra Yerta Sparkling Shiraz previously reviewed on Full Pour, so one might wonder the point of writing it up. Two reasons: firstly, it’s an excellent sparkling red worthy of some air time, and secondly, I’m kind of curious of my impressions the second time around.

That fabulous purple mousse that makes me want to squeal with delight (in a manly way). Liqueurous nose showing ripe cherries, spiced oak, chocolate and some lees influences.  Subtle and complex, it gives more as one puts more into it. It’s an earthy aroma profile that seems, somehow, artisanal in that it’s not squeakily, soullessly clean. 
The palate shows a similar complexity of flavour profile, though this bottle is less lively than the Karra Yerta I looked at in December, and consequently lacks a little pizzaz in the mouth. No matter, lots going on for sure; dark berry fruit flavours, savouriness, oak, tannin; this is a mile from the simple, sweet sparkling red some might be familiar with. Medium bodied, emphasising elegance and shape rather than outright power. Beautiful, cotton-wool finish of great finesse and delicacy.
Quality red bubbles. Fans of the style would do well to seek it out.

Flaxman Wines
Price: $A35
Closure: Crown seal
Source: Sample

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