Mollydooker Tasting: Introduction

Tonight, we’re going to taste ten Mollydooker wines. I’ve assembled a group of friends to assist me:

  • Dan, my partner. Software engineer, regular wine drinker.
  • Rex, journalist, mostly a fan of vodka and brandy, but drinks wine when I make him
  • Roy, very modest wine drinking experience
  • Mark, mostly an Italian red drinker, regular drinker since 1998
  • Jared, normally a Bud Light drinker, been to a couple of wineries, done some wine tasting
  • Travis, Two Buck Chuck aficionado (“it’s cheap!”)
  • Henry, mostly a fan of dessert wines, Port… but when he wants a good time he goes for Colt .45
  • John, Mark’s partner, also a big fan of Italian reds but also fascinated by the Italian concept that wine is food and he’s fascinated by wine food pairings

There may be a couple more, but they’re not here yet… so I’m gonna get started!

2 thoughts on “Mollydooker Tasting: Introduction

  1. That was… fascinating. I’ll need some time to write everything up; all I’ll say is that that didn’t go in the direction I was anticipating. Just put the kitchen back together the morning after, and nearly every bottle was more than half full… and we wound up having twelve guys over.

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